Our motivation

The internet is under siege. Accessing and controlling personal data is big business for criminal hackers, data brokers, and nation-states. Disconnect is founded on a basic principle: that people should have the freedom to move about the Internet - and their lives - without anyone else looking over their shoulder.

Our values

Our culture is built on the principles of positivity, creativity, and diversity. We strive to build meaningful technology and solutions that make the world better. We recognize that unique experiences, skills, and backgrounds increase team productivity and resilience. We foster a work environment that enables our people to be creative, do more with less, experiment, and achieve amazing things.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the Internet better by giving people greater transparency and control over their personal information. We do what we do to make it easier for individuals and businesses to protect their privacy and security.

Our leadership

At Disconnect, we’ve been focused solely on protecting privacy for more than a decade. Our pioneering technology and solutions are proven and trusted by partners like Microsoft and Mozilla as well as millions of users.

Patrick Jackson


Codi Mills


Jonathan Norris


Casey Oppenheim


Victor Toyens


We are a Delaware, US based corporation with headquarters in San Francisco, California. You can reach us by mail at:
548 Market Street, #45514, San Francisco, CA 94104.

Work or partner with us

We are often looking for talented people to join our team. Shoot us an email to inquire about work or collaboration.