Used by over a million people – Disconnect lets you visualize & block the invisible websites that track you

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“Disconnect Kids makes managing online privacy easy.” – The Washington Post “We liked Disconnect Kids and would highly recommend!” – Fun Educational Apps Named a must-have Firefox add-on of 2013 by Lifehacker Named a must-have Chrome extension of 2013 by Lifehacker “Don’t want trackers watching your activity? This startup’s for you.” – Forbes “Adds speed when you’re zipping around the web. Win-win.” – USA TODAY “A Jedi for your privacy.” – WUSA Named the best anti-tracking extension by Lifehacker Winner of Best Technology at the Launch Conference
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Disconnect’s features

We crawl the web to find the companies that track people, then Disconnect blocks those companies’ tracking requests in your browser. Click the items below to learn more about Disconnect’s features.

For more info, check out our FAQ.


Toolbar button

The toolbar button lives at the top of your browser and shows you the total number of tracking requests on every page you go to. Green means all the requests on a page are blocked. Gray means some are unblocked. Click the button to see and block or unblock the requests.


The dropdown shows you the number of tracking requests on a page by company. Green or checked means the requests are blocked. Gray or unchecked means they’re unblocked. Click any icon or checkbox to block or unblock requests.


The navbar links to helpful pages – like this one!

Common tracking sites

Common tracking sites – Facebook, Google, and Twitter – are shown separately to make them easy to block or unblock. Click any icon to block or unblock a site.

Other tracking sites

Other tracking sites are shown by category – advertising, analytics, social networking, and content – and company. Click any arrow to show or hide the companies in a category. Click any icon to block or unblock a category. Click any checkbox to block or unblock a company.

Note: Content contains requests for resources like YouTube videos and Flickr photos that may track you but that, without, most people would consider pages broken. This category and the companies inside aren’t blocked by default (other filtering apps don’t block them either). We don’t recommend blocking the category or companies because of the potential to break pages.


The options let you change Disconnect’s behavior.

  • The Whitelist site or Blacklist site button lets you unblock or block all the requests on the site you’re on. Your preference will be remembered the next time you go to the site.
  • The Visualize page button lets you graph the requests on the site you’re on. See that view for more instructions.


The dashboard shows you Disconnect’s effect on the page you’re on – the time and bandwidth you saved and the number of Wi-Fi requests you secured. Click the Facebook or Twitter icons to share these stats with your friends.